The Chabad Israeli Center was established in 2014 by Rabbi Tal and Chava Shaul, under the guidance of the Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. It is the first Chabad center dedicated to Israelis in the state of Texas.

Keeping our wonderful old Jewish tradition is a complex challenge, that becomes harder when we are in the diaspora. The key-stone of our center is that every Jew, independently of his level of observance of the Torah and the  Jewish laws, is a link in one complete chain -the chain of the people of Israel- who necessarily share and keep the Jewish identity and the eternal values of the Jewish nation with love and devotion.

Israelis who have emigrated temporarily or permanently and live in our city and its suburbs lack an immense need for social and cultural life in their new environment. They long for home, friends, familiar food and environment, and even Israeli “chutzpa” which seems now a bit more acceptable and even amusing.

Our objective is to establish a unified Israeli community, in which we can feel at home as one big family and to find a new center which will support anyone needing help, whether it is material help (such as housing, finding a job…) or spiritual help (such as Sabbath and sacred holiday meals, Jewish education “for the soul”…). 

The highlights of our services:

  • A home away from home for a community who speaks Hebrew
  • Celebrating Shabbat, the Holidays and special events as a one big family
  • Welcoming , supporting and gathering all Israelis in San Antonio and in the greater area
  • Daily lessons of the Torah, Mishnah, Gemara, Kabbala, Tanya, ladies lessons, the weekly Parashah, Halacha and others
  • Hebrew lessons - The lessons include conversational, reading and writing of various contents, such as bible stories in any level. 



Our home is open to everyone! You are our next guest!!

Rabbi Tal and Chava Shaul